George Alterations & Repairs

Makers of Fabric Products

Whatever your requirements I am sure we can help, from shortening a pair of trousers taking in a dress, re-purposing some curtains, creating a memory cushion, repairing a favourite coat, or simply making you some bespoke cushions.

Email or message us, we can’t always get to answer the phone especially if the machines are on.
We endeavour to get back to every enquiry within 24 hours.

We look forward to hearing from / meeting you to have chat about how I can alter, repair or make something for you. We run a collection and delivery service within South East Cornwall.

We are happy to post/courier within the UK and globally.

Zips, Buttons & Fastenings

We also can replace zips, buttons & other types of fastenings and do general repairs on all all sorts of clothing and soft furnishings, from cardigans to curtains, cushions to coats. 

Best thing to do is ask David, via the contact page and he should be able to help.

Why count on us to deliver? 

George is more than just a business. We are committed to reducing the huge amount of waste in the fashion / textile industry currently.

We believe that quality is better than quantity. By repairing, re-using and re-purposing fabrics and garments not only are you saving money but, you will also be helping the environment by reducing the damage caused by fast fashion and mass produced textiles.

David George | December 2019

Ball gowns/prom dresses

We are also able to alter, shorten, take in, prom dresses / ball gowns etc.

I know prom season (summer) in the UK is a long way off yet but I bet planning has started for some!

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We also make cushions to order, we can work with fabric that you supply, or fabric we can get for you. We can supply the cushion pad or work to reuse the cushions you already have.

David is part of the June & George brand as well and sells ready made cushions, bags, & children's clothes via their shop in Looe, Cornwall and the June & George website.

The driving force behind George is David George

With a BA (Hons) in textiles / fashion design from Winchester School of Art, David also studied pattern-cutting at the London College of Fashion. Working in menswear retail for some 5 years in the late 80's early 90's he spent over 2 years in charge of a made-to-measure suit department in a large Brighton store as well as being a senior branch manager.

He designed and made trousers, shirts and shorts for a surf wear brand in the mid 90's as well as producing shirts and shorts under his own 'david george' label.

As well his work as an alterations tailor he makes cushions, boys shirts, tea cosy's, tote bags and more for June & George, Looe, Cornwall.

He has been sewing for many years, designing, making, altering and repairing clothes and house-hold textiles since he was a boy.

David is also a qualified secondary school teacher and worked at Looe Community Academy, for over 16 years. During this time he taught ICT, Creative Media, Art, Textiles & Maths. He still occasionally works as a supply teacher in South East Cornwall.

I am sure we can help.

You probably have some wonderful clothes with plenty of life in them at the back of your
wardrobe, perhaps they are a little big (or small) or maybe need taking up or simply a button re-sewn or a zip replaced. Why not get them to George so that they can be altered, repaired or re-purposed for you to wear again. We work with house-hold textiles too.

David George | December 2019

How much does it all cost? Probably less than you think.

Like everything in business, we believe pricing should be straightforward and transparent. We try to always work to a high standard, deliver on time, with no surprises - whatever your budget. 

Most simple alterations like shortening length in dresses, trousers, jacket sleeves etc. we can complete to order with a standard charge of £10 to £15. More complicated re-constructions, alterations & repairs will cost more. 

If we are making something for you from scratch we will tell you the cost before we start.