Standard alterations

Standard alterations, taking in a waist on trousers, in some cases letting a waistband out (where possible) are alterations we do regularly. As is shortening trousers, skirts, dresses, etc.
Replacing buttons & zips are other standard alterations as is shortening jacket sleeves.

We will always try to work with you so if its school uniform trousers, blazer sleeves, etc. for a growing child we will not cut fabric so that you can still lengthen the garment as the child grows. 

So what makes us different?

We believe in re-purposing and re-using. A recent customer came to see us with three 'vintage' shoulder bags from Thailand probably more than 70 years old, and clearly handmade . 

The bags were very worn from years of successful use, that added to their appeal. 
The customer asked in we could make them  into cushions using the fabric that still had life in it. Once we had taken the bags apart and salvaged enough fabric for the front of the cushion it was a relativity easy to over-lock the pieces together to create a great looking cushion. 

A brown heavy weight linen (new fabric) was used for the back to ensure the finished cushions had stability. Then we added cushion pads for this one the customer wanted 100% feather/down cushion pad, but we could have as easily used a hypoallergenic polyester filling. We were lucky enough to be able to see the repurposed cushion's in their new environment at the customers Cornish harbour side cottage and they looked amazing.

Surfboard bags

David is a keen surfer and body surfer, interested in sustainable wave craft. He was lucky enough to spend some time at Otter Surfboards in Porthtowan, Cornwall, making a hand plane and then returning to make a belly board. 
So inspired by the look and feel of wooden boards he set about creating a template for board bags for both belly boards and hand planes to protect them from the day to day bumps caused when travelling to and from the beach. 
The fabric in the photo is also water resistant. David can make you a bespoke board bag in suitable fabric of your choice.
Why not re-use some fabric you really like or a favourite worn out shirt, t-shirt, even jeans. Or some completely new fabric we can provide to order. 

Why count on us to deliver?

George is more than just a business. We are committed to reducing the huge amount of waste in the fashion / textile industry currently. 

We believe that quality is better than quantity. By repairing, re-using and re-purposing fabrics and garments not only are you saving money but, you will also be helping the environment by reducing the damage caused by fast fashion and mass produced textiles.